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Neordie 10/06/2011

Schecter Hellraiser-5 : Neordie's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I repeat what was said)
Body: Mahogany
Neck / Fingerboard: Maple & Walnut / Rosewood
FRETS: 24 Jumbo
INLAYS: Black Pearl 'Gothic Cross'
Pickups: EMG HZ
ELECTRONICS: Vol / Blend / Active 18-Volt 2-band EQ (w / selectable treble Frequencies)
BRIDGE: Schecter Custom String Through Body (or Top Load)
Hardware: Black Chrome

And all this comes from Korea
The bridge to attach ropes conventionally or using them to pass through the body.


The handle is a pleasure, not too wide for a 5 string and it is relatively late. When taken in hand, we still feel right away that we are not with a Jazz Bass!
Bah it through the handle allows access to acute. The handle may be a little too wide in the body, but that will go hit the 24th frets on a bass string on his SI?
The bass is perfectly balanced. It is not particularly heavy nor particularly light for a 5 string. The form is relatively conventional, play with fingers (as the mediator) is comfortable.
The passive pickups with active electronics allow for a wide range of sounds. After more than a year of use, I still juggles between the settings on my amp and bass looking for my sound (but it's the fault of the amp!).


So this bass is essentially made for the big sound! We take a bit of jazz's drinking, but buy a jazz bass as if it's the target.
This bass has a modern sound, that is very (too) clean and (too) flexible but still has his personality. There is a slight lack of midrange (but then as I said, I continue to juggle the settings and especially my amp is that sins). There is a huuuuge reserve and a big bass output level.
At slap, I do not play. However, it seems to me it does not sound right for that, blame the lack of midrange.
I have not really tested the configuration of the through strings, the sustain is present and the sound is a little brighter.

I would say that this bass is more appropriate for the Rock and Metal but hope to find good old vintage sound.

Level effects, the bass is very demanding and better focus on true-bypass pedals. Although the pickups are passive electronics make life difficult for the overdrives and distortions.


I use it for just over a year. I hesitated to take an F-415FM, but the lack of neck-through on the latter, although having active pickups made me look for the Schecter.
I had planned to change the pickups for Seymour Duncan, but after a long period of use, I no longer think of touching anything, I was hooked!
This bass is the best value, versatility, comfort and violin playing were (and still happy) flawless!

If I had to buy it again, I will not hesitate, however, my amp is clearly below the quality of the bass too, I can see its limits far more quickly than the bass. I will return to correct a few things the day I'll invest in an amp worthy of the name!