Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass V Active
Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass V Active

Deluxe Jazz Bass V Active, 5+ string bass guitar from Squier in the Jazz Bass series.

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muzumbu 09/23/2008

Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass V Active : muzumbu's user review


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Made in Indonesia
20 medium jumbo frets,
5 classic jazz bass bridge spacing 18 mm
basswood body,
1 piece maple neck light, modern "C" shape, high radius less rounded than the Fender V,
ébonol button (synthetic resin, devilishly effective)
5 keys butterflies classic
51 mm wide at nut (against 47 for the Fender V), it is plastic-like tusk. For models olympic white and black, the head is attached to the body color.
For electronics: two single-coil Jazz Bass pickups and closed tanks,
an active circuit with 9V vol / blend / bass and treble stacked / + switch mediums "slap". Battery compartment,
There is of course set it properly before use, so - 1 point for the form.


V is a jazz bass classic, a little wider then the nut, but relatively light and well balanced.
Values ​​(approx + / - 9 dB at 100 Hz serious, 1 KHz and 10 KHz acute mediums) of the circuit are not extraordinary but the overall result is well above what one would expect from a low to price. The so lacks a bit of presence compared to other strings.
The points that I care and that should be of interest:
1 / What a blessing to have a 5 string with a real bridge to real 5-string, as opposed to 505 and other Ibanez Cort, Dean, etc. easels to 16.5 mm.
2 / Finishing im-pec-cable, high gloss, thick, no orange peel or wood grain (unlike the Yamaha BB 4 / 615), the guitar in general is well done, really. The plus is the hatch for the battery.


That is: after 30 minutes with my file, my screwdriver and my keys (they provide with, for those who do would not), I plugged in and there ... Amazing.
I recall that I have a Custom Shop TUNE WBX 6 (Kobe) of 95, a monster studio. I have owned other "beautiful" low and I must say that for 300 E, thin is im-bat-table. The range is wide, typical jazz bass, but also the active electronics allows a lot of settings. It goes to Korn Pastorius (treble and midrange fully recessed), to the sounds SmoothJazz (type albums by Ray Obiedo eg), Abraham Laboriel ... Finger, slap, pop everything is fine as long as you ayiez is settled or resolved by someone who knows and though you good shooting.
That's the advantage of a 3-way preamp equalizer: we do what we want. In addition, the jazz bass is naturally and historically a tool for wide range, this little circuit widens.


I bought the olympic white color model. My opinion: for the price, finish, benefits: 10/10.
If you are looking for a "real" 5-string for beginners or backup, NO problemo, it is what you need (I looked for 6 months a 5 string to no-price: bridge too narrow nine times out of 10 too expensive, not active, etc ... I even almost bought a Yamaha BB615 is tell you how desperate I was.