Warmoth PJ5 Custom
Warmoth PJ5 Custom
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ZikaBoom 06/18/2013

Warmoth PJ5 Custom : ZikaBoom's user review

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Made in the USA. You choose all the elements online and receive the kit. I got a Lindy Fralin pickup separately.
Mine is standard, with alder body, birdseye maple neck, rosewood fretboard, precision pickup.
It sounds awesome, it's powerful and has an exemplary finish.
I chose slimmer frets and it's very pleasant.


The neck is perfect.
It's a precision standard in terms of weight, shape, design
Ditto regarding access to the upper frets.
Good sounds!! Excellent, one pickup and one passive tone, and with that you can go from twangy to muffled sounds without a sweat!


It's perfect for the music I play. Coupled with a good amp I don't see any music genre it couldn't take on. I use a GallienKrueger neo112 RB2.
Open tone, crystalline, closed tone, dub! It's child's play. The sound is denser than with my Jazzbass, it's less mid-scooped, but also less deep.
I don't use a compressor anymore, only an octaver and/or a bassball to amuse myself.
Personally, I never turn the tone all the way up, not even to slap, but neither do I have a use for its muffled sound when the tone control is set to the minimum.


I've been using it since 2011. I have always played jazzbasses, but it was love at first sight when I tried out a precision. I chose it with this in mind, passive, 4 strings. It rocks! The only mod I would do to it is maybe add a Jazzbass pickup for the mids/bridge. I can't wait to see what I can get out of this beauty!
Great value for money, it sounds much better than the Fender US I tested at the store.