Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 6
Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 6

Thumb Bolt-on 6, 5+ string bass guitar from Warwick in the Thumb Bolt-on series.

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stefbass 05/01/2006

Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 6 : stefbass's user review


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Hi! all

Well, here is a low (German) I use to replace a 6-string Noguera, and frankly it's the bass killer! The sound and really it is the norm and I expected with lots of depth in the bass (a special so bad!) And superb clarity in the treble (I have my prt guitarist for private records and he fell on the c..!). I use strings EBS, the top with a rack full rglabe, up, down, right, left ... The pickups are MEC, pure bliss!
The quality of violin is irrprochable (as in all Warwick products!) The handle is in 5 parts (a pledge of strength and sustain) with a touch bne finely crafted, screwed in point 4.


The only BMOL, (as it should be noted that any instrument will never be perfection) is its weight! Really need a back four to play bttn 5am as I often do, the knowledge of muscle is not luxury, but no problem sitting with a lightweight all times slumps.
The handle is a bit much to dpart but if done quickly!
Access in the treble is more accessible through the wide notches of the body, when the interface is well with the back curved tudie Fawn cal well on a belly little "bounce"! It is easy to take a Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten and Alain Caron a, both at knobs are rglages trs prcis with a push pull for passive mode, because that is a low active recess!


All musical styles are easily adaptable here, with a real plus for the Jazz Rock, or fusion, but it is doing not too bad in the range Hard Rock, I use it recently with a head amp Berhinger WTTS 300 and a baffle of the same brand with 4 hp in cne Bugera aluminum and gives the sound of DSIR more than Jazzy punk! but in the Uzeb Jazz fusion, I m'clate the most!


I torture for over 5 years and for me it's low, both in style than anything else I have prcit recess MODELS number of essay, without having ever happened I expected the sound, until I were Submitted to the lovely ladies pronounced Germanic accent! The ratio quality price is unbeatable for me and also trs justification for a 6-string bass of this caliber it's worth breaking the piggy bank full of dusts over his cabinet, and without h sit I would do the same choice!