Waterstone Guitars 12 strings bass
Waterstone Guitars 12 strings bass

12 strings bass, 5+ string bass guitar from Waterstone Guitars.

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Mattfig 06/13/2012

Waterstone Guitars 12 strings bass : Mattfig's user review

« Nice Bass...Really nice! »

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Made in Korea...

Here's the specs...


32" Scale

Rosewood Fretboard

2 Passive Pick-Ups

Single F-Hole

2 Tone, 2 Volume

3 Position Selector Switch


All notes easily accessed...Tone is out of this world!!!!! The small scale really helps you get every string without over extending...It will take you a bit to get used to it and it'll chew your fingers a bit in the process...But, in the end, you will have the most musical sounding bass out there...
VERY easy to get a nice full tone...It's lightweight and well designed...The chambers help with the weight but it is a neck diver, so be wary of that...Tone controls are useful and do exactly what they should..


I use this bass both direct for recording or amp'd for live/recording...It sounds terrific through any full-sized amp...Small amps may be a bit tinny with the upper register strings...

I like the rich tone and easy playability...It sounds HUGE and the pickups suit it perfectly...They are quiet but deliver a full signal...Make sure you use a good cable with this bass so you get the full benefit of it's beauty...I like my Elixer cable most with this...

This bass can fit well in any style music and in any circumstance...Although, if you play in a 3 piece band, this bass will do wonders for your band's sound...It will fill it in so thick you won't believe your ears!


I love this bass...Waterstone also makes an amazing 8 string bass in this style too...Waterstone basses are very hard to beat in terms of tone, value, and easy playability...

The quality of the build and tone are next to perfect...The price tag is high, but for what you get, it's ideal for any professional bassist...
I tried several other models before buying this one but stopped as soon as I held the piece of heaven...
I would buy another in a heartbeat...