Ministar Lestar
Ministar Lestar

Lestar, Other Electric Guitar from Ministar.

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lugduweb 01/11/2013

Ministar Lestar : lugduweb's user review

«  Original but very poor »

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Manufacturing USA.
Everything is made of wood and metal.
Provided with a cover and accesories.
It's tough and it's original.
Against by finishing a little craft (and probably is).
The value of this guitar is obviously its size which you can take anywhere without a fretboard child.


The handle is not very nice (it seems to have a log in hand) and ergonomics.
The guitar is very unbalanced and it is quite difficult to play differently with a strap.


The sound is really not fantastic.


A guitar is more fun than a real musical instrument.
I recomend taking a Traveler (more expensive but much better).
In addition to buy it is quite complicated (and I had not received the ordered model).
I kept four months and sold ...