Traveler Guitar EG-1 Standard
Traveler Guitar EG-1 Standard

EG-1 Standard, Other Electric Guitar from Traveler Guitar.

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rogercag 07/17/2011

Traveler Guitar EG-1 Standard : rogercag's user review

«  A small scratch to the excellent violin »

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Made in China (but very well made) designed to usa
bridge owner (like a tune o matic) with the strings that pass behind the body, standard tuning.


Handle very nice grip between a Gibson neck (a little thicker and a Start)
radius flat very comfortable for all that is arpeggios, sweeping and other fantasies. Excellent ergonomics, not too light and therefore sustain good reason wood.
We get easily a good sound


The pickups are correct, it plain sounds like a les paul, its fat enough, the microphones are standard so you can develop them with real Gibson or Seymour Duncan ...
Frankly it offers the same comfort as normal scratches, that's why I break my notice because it provides!

Obviously the absence of head makes me lose my bearings the first few minutes when I resume my Start, and small body not offer the same support but you can play for hours with a scratch on it as "standard"

The sound level integrated amp is doing its taf is nice and saturated (for a purpose built and can work well, nice little crunch), even if it was not the sound of a Marshall or a white-hot Bogner course .
but it's not you worry doubts Internet?


2 months at full speed, I tried a Hofner in time the famous Steinberger copy of which was very nice but strings "owners" Hofner (two balls) so expensive and rare to find, and a body Hofner little comfortable Thurs sitting on the other scratches.

Level "Qualitay" of the EG-1
the +: A violin excellent gameplay worthy of a normal scratches and sounds impressive for this small size, an entry in to play on mp3! a case super top quality! much like the agreement

The -: a nice crunch but could be improved for its decision but I quibble (personal I invested in a small Pandora and I have a bank of more than one purpose drum machine ...), the headset comes with but hey let's not quibble is offered!

I'm really pleased with the subject, I bought this to scratch my scales and deal during the holidays and as rightly said Judge Fredd you end up with an instrument that could become our major scratches on the spur of heart !
Try it then ...

How it sounds?

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