secman 04/25/2005

Yamaha EZ-AG : secman's user review


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- Of course it is Made In China
- 12 frets all plastic, and for those who would have not noticed there is no string at the frets but merely illuminated buttons!


- Plastic handle neither too large nor too small, perfect for small hands
- No Access in acute since no sharp!
- Small guitar lgre since it is all plastic
- This gives a perfect sound for whatever Manir which is always scratching the strings are the same that comes with nanmoin a "dynamic touch"


- This guitar "plastic" has 20 sounds DIFFERENT (Folk Guitar, Classic Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Octave Guitar, Clean Guitar, Mute Guitar, Overdrive, Disto, Acoustic Bass, Finger Bass, Pick Bass, Fretless Bass, Slap Bass, Synth Bass, HI-Q Bass, Dance Bass, Banjo, Shamisen, Grand Piano) all his shots his Yamaha keyboard and thus proper invoice particulirement the rope 12 is TRSR USSI
- With this guitar amp not need to, we go directly into a sound system and hop off you go but it is true even when it sounds better in an amp lamp (hhh )

Now talking about the special functions of this guitar noon:

Its internal memory consists of 25 pieces noon, 3 days mode is possible for these pieces:
- Strum mode or you can simply scrape the string arrangements and changes everything for one very practical Travill rhythm and arpges
- Chord mode, or it is "harder" agreements must be pressing the buttons that light up if the song will stop until you do not press the right buttons red
- And finally Both mode, or the buttons light up agreements but the song is playing without stopping what can improvise a cot or even to "style" we play!!
- There is a Capo functionality that puts a capo ELECTRONIC
- And a feature that allows you to transpose Tuning for every half a tone that some tuning spciaux itches likes!
- It is also a button possde rglage rglage volume and tempo.


- I bought it a month ago as I wanted to put keyboard to the guitar and above all she had by her cot sduit noon and its price, because with the great sounds of scratches I had on my expander I said with a scratch it's going to do it but the problem of this guitar is that there is no feel of a real skyscraper without ropes and yes the cargo is immediately harder to do bends etc ...
But because learning guitar is the top because the fact that the buttons light up that allows you to track which chord is pressed when learning travvaille its agreements etc ...
- The major inconvnient is that there is no feel of a real guitar
- With this guitar and a couple of months during which queqlu'un knows nothing about music already knows a few chords and some friends of his pater plastic guitar in the evenings by the fire. But be careful in passing on a true scratching is another sport!!