Ernie Ball Pick Buddy
Ernie Ball Pick Buddy

Pick Buddy, Other Guitar Accessory from Ernie Ball.

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-Livingroom- 02/24/2016

Ernie Ball Pick Buddy : -Livingroom-'s user review

« A great tool »

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
For which specific applications or uses do you currently use this product?

I use them (I bought 6 :bravo: ) both at home and on stage, for guitars and basses.

-How long have you used it?

One month, more or less.

-Have you tested other comparable or competing products before purchasing this one?

It has no real competitor: using an adhesive, a pick holder or putting the pick under the pickguard all have in common not to allow (or with real difficulties) to put the pick down and take it again during the same song.

As for the tool-which-name-I-forgot to be placed on a mic stand... well, it's not on the guitar itself!

-What are the pros and cons of this product?

I like how simple it is: you just had to think of it, but now I can switch in a breeze between picking, chicken picking, fingerpicking or finger playing.

Regarding its cons, well, the price (of course you pay the concept too, but technically it's just a mere sucker and 9 bucks is a bit expensive for that), and the sucker itself is not always reliable. Both these elements take one star away, otherwise it really is perfect!