Fender Meguiars Mist & Wipe
Fender Meguiars Mist & Wipe

Meguiars Mist & Wipe, Other Guitar Accessory from Fender.

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MountAnDewMe 08/06/2012

Fender Meguiars Mist & Wipe : MountAnDewMe's user review

« High quality shine. »

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Keeping your guitar clean is a self rewarding piece of maintenance that will not only keep your finish in shape longer but also put a smile on your face after you see your baby restored to its glory. First off this product is designed for use on polyurethane finishes and should never be used on any other types of finish or bare wood. I have been using this product for many years and have always loved the quality of the shine it leaves behind.

Using this product is very straight forward and simple. You will want to dust and remove any larger particles before any wiping to reduce the risk of marking your finish first. This product is designed to be sprayed directly to the finish being cleaned and polished. Then you simply wipe it away using a high quality cloth on one side to first remove the product then flip the cloth over to buff the finish to a shine.

I find that I get the best result from this product by cleaning twice then buffing the finish. I find that this product does require a bit more time cleaning to get all the dirt off than other products I use. I however also believe this is more of a polish than a cleaner. The finished result ends in a very high quality shine. One that is very reflective and glossy. The only down side is that it seems to get dirty rather quickly when compared to some other products I have used. I consider this to be more of a showroom polish than a practical one.

This used to be my go to polish for many years but for practical reasons it has been replaced by another product. I still buy this product but I only use it in limited situation when I want an instrument to stand out and literally shine. I do not resell much gear but if I was to sell a piece I would defiantly use this product to bring out the best of the finish.