Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator
Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator

AC-2 Acoustic Simulator, Other Guitar Effect from Boss.

jpoy 11/15/2013

Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator : jpoy's user review

«  Its nice but ... »

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Classic pedal for pedal box.


Pretty easy to find a sound even if no one is ever completely satisfied.


Of course, we do not have the sound of a Martin acoustic but I think the sounds are interesting, halfway between the acoustic and the phaser. She can not carry an electric guitar to play in a bar, for example.

I mostly use it with a telecaster and a mesa boogie.


I am alone in this but apparently my pedal has a relatively low level of output, even with the volume up, it loses power. It's really annoying because it takes down the guitar volume in anticipation of its use and, suddenly, the sound loses.

I'll try a little boost. If someone has an idea ...