Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator
Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator

AC-3 Acoustic Simulator, Other Guitar Effect from Boss.

guigue106 08/31/2012

Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator : guigue106's user review

«  very well if c is split »

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already mentioned!


manual = not useful
edition = you turn the knob you find .... or not
config = RAS


4 effects on offer we good acoustic sounds that are really, little more with respect to the ac 2 c is the reverb and cosmetics.

Amplifies the reverb quality "studio" and toner allows some specific acoustic environment seem less dry, I appreciate this little longer (ca avoids add a RV5 was the 140th for example)

my choice esp m2 active (EMG SA neck) ca go very clean, very crystalline and a lot of flexibility in the sounds obtained at the border or velvety :) j alternates with my JEM (penultimate position in the sector in bridge) and there is a clean and close to real acoustic kick, or more precisely the electo acoustic.

j 'well appreciate the jumbo and piezo I'm pretty close to what I hoped with 2 settings (minus the enhancer and the standard) is acting on the body and BODY actually more or less wide one feels in amp and top sets the color of the thickness (in fact c is balanced bass / treble) once this balance easily find it works alone.

although the reverb will also give a significant dimension to your "electro".


it works pretty well.

Warning realize very ugly in ca ca humbuker still too "electric", it must split, c is advisable to get something nice.

need to put everything thoroughly ca is nothing, the body is half way (noon) and top ("color") has 3h, ca already a big thank acoutique quality (jumbo or piezo position, the other is c enhancer / j standard have not yet been convinced)

on the other hand superb quality reverb integrated studio quality assured if plugged into the PC line out with guitar rig, I've asked a 2nd reverb (stuidio verb) in addition to the ac3, and ultimately we believe in a real recording studio a good definition, good texture and reality that exceeds the simulation.

no aggression, no saturation of the signal good investment (certe a bit expensive) good 65 euros but at least I have an "electro acoustic" at home in less clutter and not the budget to invest in the installation of a Piezo on one of my guitars.

j I test the ac Beringher, I puked direct: x, I have a little look elsewhere (especially in mfx, but a little disappointed when even), but the size of a pedal boss, I'm rather happy , it works on all my guitars (splittée) and of course as I hoped to rig, nikel chrome: D

8 because of the enhancer and standard.

yes I think if I had to make the choice that will be carefree