Bartolini TC-3 Preamp
Bartolini TC-3 Preamp

TC-3 Preamp, Other Guitar Replacement Part from Bartolini.

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Nounouk 03/04/2006

Bartolini TC-3 Preamp : Nounouk's user review


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I have been using a 1995 jazz bass.
It will integrate a prampli in the bass, which boosts the signal and therefore lowers the output impedance. Concretely, there is no loss of acute in jacks, moving from a passive to its assets, the highs are more pure. My luthier had found the solution INTERESTED trs.
Report qualitprix unbeatable, I'd pay the epoch 200F or 30 euros. I do not know if it is still manufactured. I have one lying around in my deuxime bric a brac, I keep it safely "in case".
Important note, the small size lets it all will integrate (TC3 + 9V) without dfonce suplmentaire in the instrument.
In short, from all good!