Sennheiser RS 130
Sennheiser RS 130

RS 130, Misc. headphone from Sennheiser.

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D.j. 09/03/2013

Sennheiser RS 130 : D.j.'s user review

«  Freedom at a reasonable price »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I use the Sennheiser RS-130 for about a year, bought used (otherwise I would have taken the RS-120). I chose this headphone HF analog transmission (FM) rather than digital (such as RS-160 and 180, much more expensive) why? For reasons of latency is 40 ms for the latter, which makes them unsuitable for use in Home Studio, gold is invisible here. But the price to pay is the risk of interference, which involves a ruthless hunt radiating lamps in close proximity (LED or CFL type at poorly shielded power supply circuits) and wiring of poor quality. Also a light breeze, but we do not hear when we play (well, not me).
Value great price (especially used) for this use (amateur home studio confirmed but not especially silver), to be compared with a headphone to digital transmission without interference * and * without latency as the Sennheiser RS- 220 to 450 euros, or a monitoring system in-ear, in the same price or cheaper then but almost need to change poor quality earphones. This is a purchase reason.
What I like the least, so it is obviously the sensitivity to noise, although this can be remedied, and also the fact that when the headset receives no signal, after 5 minutes, it starts in search on the frequency band and is then entitled to the radio, FM or a big breath ...
What I appreciate the most, apart from its sound quality and comfort, this is obviously the freedom, the feeling of not being on a leash.

I use this wireless headset in addition to a 2-1 amplification in a home studio apartment, so with the need to meet the need at certain times of peace of others. Despite its qualities I could not stand my wired headset (Koss), always take this thread to the neck of a guitar or bass in the foot or the wheels of my office chair, to lugging foolishly my hands on the keyboard, and suddenly remember my good memories when I travel more than 2 meters from my workstation.

Good build quality, good design is the Sennheiser. After one year, no significant aging. Anyway, the ear pads are easily removable and replaceable.

The audio quality is up (my expectations) for this open headphones (it is not in a bubble) and not too heavy to carry (although electronics and embedded batteries, 275g measured on the scale, as well as some wired). He is also the great object creeks, including the site The Digital.
Only blackheads, sensitivity to noise, and they removed, a light breeze, not really noticeable in use.
There is a surround mode, no use to me (this is the home cinema), to my knowledge only aspect that distinguishes the RS-120 (which can be a cheaper alternative choice (around 80 euros new) .