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  • [Musikmesse] 6 New Martin Ukuleles

    [Musikmesse] 6 New Martin Ukuleles

    04/07/11 in Martin & Co 2 Uke

    C. F. Martin & Co. has announced that six new ukulele models are being introduced at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2011.

  • [NAMM] Godin MultiOud

    [NAMM] Godin MultiOud

    12/18/10 in Godin MultiOud

    This year is the premier of the Godin MultiOud, based upon the ancient middle-eastern 11-string instrument called the Oud.

  • Lanikai LKP-T Tenor Ukulele Pack

    Lanikai LKP-T Tenor Ukulele Pack

    12/13/10 in Lanikai LKP-T Tenor Ukulele Pack

    Lanikai announced the launch of the new LKP-T Koa Tenor-sized ukulele pack at Winter NAMM 2011.

  • Recording King Madison RK-R35

    Recording King Madison RK-R35

    10/28/10 in Recording King RK-R35

    Recording King has announced that the Madison RK-R35 banjo is now shipping.

  • Lucida Bajo Quinto LG-BQ1

    Lucida Bajo Quinto LG-BQ1

    10/28/10 in Lucida Bajo Quinto LG-BQ1

    For mariachi-style Bajo players, Lucida offers three Bajo Quinto models designed to deliver the mariachi sound without the the muddiness from the low E-string commonly associated with traditional Bajo Sexto.

  • The Loar LM-300-VS

    The Loar LM-300-VS

    07/28/10 in The Loar LM-300-VS

    The Loar released their first x-braced A-model mandolin, hand-carved at The Loar Hand Carved Workshop, the birthplace of the LM-400, 600 and 700 mandolins.

  • Recording King Madison RK-R35 Banjo

    Recording King Madison RK-R35 Banjo

    02/26/10 in Recording King RK-R35

    The Recording King Madison RK-R35 is built around a 3-ply steam bent maple rim, from the same construction and materials used in the RK-R80.

  • [NAMM] Blackbird Guitars Ukulele

    [NAMM] Blackbird Guitars Ukulele

    01/15/10 in Blackbird Guitars Ukulele

    Blackbird Guitars is introducing its new carbon fiber ukulele.

  • [NAMM] Martin OXK Ukulele

    [NAMM] Martin OXK Ukulele

    01/13/10 in Martin & Co OXK

    Martin is offering its first ukulele in the X-Series.

  • [Musikmesse] Bhargava Indian Instruments

    [Musikmesse] Bhargava Indian Instruments

    04/03/09 in Bhargava Sitar 101/SPL/RKS

    Straight out of Mumbai, India, Bhargava offers a full line of Indian instruments.