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  • [NAMM] Hohner Vamonos

    [NAMM] Hohner Vamonos

    01/28/12 in Hohner Vamonos

    Hohner announces the launch of the Vamonos wireless accordion microphone system.

  • Audix TM1 Plus

    Audix TM1 Plus

    12/03/11 in Audix TM1 Plus

    Audix announces the introduction of the TM1 Plus, a combination kit which includes the TM1 measurement microphone, threaded acoustic windscreen, shock mount clip, ½ inch calibrator adaptor and microphone calibration data on CD.

  • Earthworks Redesigns the DP30C

    Earthworks Redesigns the DP30C

    10/30/11 in Earthworks DP30C

    Earthworks has unveiled the new DP30/C Drum Periscope cardioid microphone.

  • Earthworks M30 Giveaway at AES

    Earthworks M30 Giveaway at AES

    10/20/11 in Earthworks M30

    Earthworks is holding a drawing at the 131st AES Convention to give away an M30 measurement microphone worth $949 to one show attendee.

  • RØDE VideoMic Pro

    RØDE VideoMic Pro

    01/19/11 in RODE VideoMic Pro

    The new RØDE VideoMic Pro comse in at 85g (3oz) and 150mm (6”) in length.

  • [NAMM] Audix ADX12 & ADX18

    [NAMM] Audix ADX12 & ADX18

    01/14/11 in Audix ADX12

    Audix introduces the ADX12 and ADX18 which are miniature gooseneck condenser microphones with modular capsule components.

  • Schertler Resocoil

    Schertler Resocoil

    01/10/11 in Schertler RESOCOIL BANJO

    Swiss acoustic amplification systems manufacturer Schertler has recently announced the launch of Resocoil, a new electro-dynamic sensor for guitar.

  • Omnitronic 1000 MK2

    Omnitronic 1000 MK2

    01/09/11 in Omnitronic 1000 Mk2

    Omnitronic adapts the wireless systems of its 1000 series to the new frequencies.

  • [NAMM] CAD U9 MiniMic

    [NAMM] CAD U9 MiniMic

    01/09/11 in CAD U9 MiniMic

    CAD introduces its new multi-purpose USB microphone.

  • New RØDE Wearable Mics

    New RØDE Wearable Mics

    09/03/10 in RODE HS1

    The new RØDE HS1 is a headset microphone designed to be malleable and lightweight, with tube arm assembly that features three axes of mechanical adjustment, while the microphone tube arm can be relocated to either the left or right side of the user's face.