fabamarie 11/14/2010

Akai LPD8 : fabamarie's user review

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I had a nano in which to korg crashed after 1 year and a half when I had barely used, suddenly the VAS offered me and I have taken the LPD8, I take this opportunity to give my opinion having had the 2

on LPD8 must enter with force, no possibility to adjust the sensitivity of the pads, what was on the Korg
to go through the AKAI software to configure the beast, the KORG had several pallets to its credit accessible by a button, I rarely needed the software
by the cons of knob LPD8 are well enough to run a DAW or what you want, I used to zoom in or out in Logic
the pads seem stronger in AKAI, at least I hope so because in Korg's just a useless purchase more than 1 year
2 for the USB plug is fragile but they are recognized immediately, the Korg has a little pad that LPD8, I admit that I miss it a bit

to summarize, do not expect miracles at this price, Korg he better not buy it, LPD8 looks solid but not too sensitive still, you have to type like a nag. basically if you intend to use it often, invest in something better, if, like me, put a small battery from time to time, that suits him and he must always go through with the software provides for LPD8
I expected better