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Sebashi 07/15/2005

Doepfer DrehBank : Sebashi's user review


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Haaaa! !
The Drehbank! I use it happily for over 7 years! yes yes! and nothing to say at the pots,
not a game, although I would advise to settle (with the help of software provided) the threshold for said pots
(Or leave 2 as a cause ..) to a click but certainly not zero, because there is a risk of sending continuous MIDI data on some pots, even in the rekindled the Landemaine!
Note that on my version (now the BIOS EEPROM contains a more modern version)
I had some trouble to reprogram my pots: ca flashes but the changes are not saved when power is restored, maybe the AC adapter (another machine) used for too long with less tension? ? even with the original one is like before, but good.
What is immediately appreciated the countless pots: two banks of 64 each = 128 ... but since the pots are not as endless rotation on controllers Berhinger, a judicious use .. The possibilities of control by CV / GATE (8 6.35 jack on the back!) ancient synths is more than you Truva Ancun not on another controller ... the software programming Drehbank is impecable.
This would have been good in that they provide DOEPFER of 'layers' to visually organize, according to our convenience, ordennancement of pots. The product could develop into a version with endless pots at the risk of being overtaken by other manufacturers.

Opportunities for advanced MIDI who knows (you can assign MIDI string with variables also be assigned to the pots!) And output CV / GATE make it a product of exceptional given the price and number of pots ... Compare and see!

Today, it is clear that I am not nearly separates me from the beast, although in Berhinger it starts to feel good (knob endless with LED and linear motorized knob! Hehe!)
A score of 8 / 10 for the lack of evolution of the product, but 10/10 in 1998! )