Livid Instruments Guitar Wing
Livid Instruments Guitar Wing

Guitar Wing, Other MIDI Controller from Livid Instruments.

LeKapi 10/11/2014

Livid Instruments Guitar Wing : LeKapi's user review

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For two months I have this device, I tested in real conditions on a show and you can not make it work properly. When he picks up the Bluetooth dongle is almost impossible to make the call, have to unplug the dongle etc ... See worst on Mac (tested on 3) it is downright obliged to delete Midi / Audio settings after careful to unplug everything. Suffice to say that before a show is infeasible. I gave all the info as possible on the official forum ( with their apps tests and it turns out that this is "unfinished." Expected firmware and editor since but still nothing it seems to have a Hardware-Abort. The worst is that the CC and notes can not be changed because it does not even have a publisher. Writ buy when the trick will work for a real situation and not like most demos in his living room. To add a layer has a hard time settling on the guitar, I'm 10 and none of the positions well.
The only positive side is that it flashes it's pretty ...