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yann24 08/25/2006

Jerry Jones master sitar : yann24's user review


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Equipped with three microphones (one mic for the party sympathetic strings),
This sitar has a volume knob and Tone by microphones.
The handle of rosewood boxes 21 is screwed to the body.
The 13 sympathetic strings are all the same caliber 010.

The neck is thin and very comfortable, as good as most of the guitars
Electric qualites.L good instrument is not very heavy unlike
what one might think.
It is an instrument with which we are led to play often in open tuning.
SETTING THE The instrument is quite difficult and careful as there is a
piece which serves as bridge and which rubs against the strings to give
spciale.C if this sound is the famous piece that we must settle for
the accuracy of the instrument but also to give more or less friction
on the rope.

When you have the instrument in hand, it seems to be in India is
to say that even if one manages to make the distinction with an Indian sitar
even as there are many similarities.
The pickups are good quality but are quite sensitive to noise
(Normal for single coils). The sympathetic strings are the very
crystalline. To make your own mind, you can listen "State of
thanks "or" for the love of god "by Steve Vai (and yes it is the same model that

Global Reviews
Extremely Very good tool but typ (we do not go out every day
the case unless you play traditional Indian music).
I will do as a reproach even in the tuning of the strings
is sympathetic with a flaps cl 4 (which is not provided recess
when buying). Being given that we give these 13 strings according
the song is played, it's not very convenient to leave small ca cl a
every time.
Other than that, I am very happy with my sitar and rather proud to have one.