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moosers 02/16/2011

Quantegy 2" GP9 : moosers's user review


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The Quantegy 2" GP9 is a two inch tape for use with an analog tape machine. We've got a couple sets of these tapes at the studio where I work that are used as house tapes for our MCI JH24 tape machine. To be honest, I haven't used any other tapes on this machine as this is what we've got. For this reason I can't really compare these to any other tapes, but will start by saying that I've never had any problems with the GP9 tape and that it seems incredibly sturdy to me. I'm not at all an expert when it comes tape since it's a bit before my time, but have used a few different machines before. Getting tape nowadays is definitely as hard as it's ever been since it's in such a low demand, but there are still one or two companies making them and Quantegy is one that's still being issued. I don't know the exact price that these tapes will cost, but they aren't cheap. However, when you consider that you can use the tapes over and over for a pretty good while, it doesn't seem as bad considering so few manufacturers are making tape still. I really don't have any bad things to say about the GP9 tape as it's held up well for every session I've used it for and it always sounds good when used with the JH24. Quantegy does make a few different types of tape so I'd check our their site if this 2" tape won't work for you. As with any tape it's going to be somewhat fragile and fickle since it's an old medium, but the GP9 really seems to be well made and I don't expect to have any problems with it in the future other than degrading. I'm sure that we'll continue to get the GP9 tape for as long as we need it for our tape machine...