AMV Artist Luthier HYDRA Vinci
AMV Artist Luthier HYDRA Vinci

HYDRA Vinci, Other Shape Guitar from AMV Artist Luthier.

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booobby 03/23/2012

AMV Artist Luthier HYDRA Vinci : booobby's user review

«  Gross marble! »

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Maple bolt on neck 24 frets
Fender tune
Mahogany body
bookmatched burl table vavona
neck pickup Bill Lawrence 500
bridge pickup Bill Lawrence XL 500 (splittable singles)
fixed bridge Kalher 7330
vintage white finish holocain (glitter)

original finish and neat as is usual with models AMV. it makes me think of a block of immaculate marble
I would start with the head, the shape is very original (drop) and really successful, it's a detail that I love!
the body is a cross Telecaster for the horn and the bottom of a Gibson SG for the horn of the upper body is very thin and very small we are in a smaller gauge than a Les Paul Junior.

I do not like glitter but the body antique white with the glitz and + beautiful effect! However, the presence of glitter on the table is not to my taste I would have let aesthetic salmon doubly unfortunate because just the wood grain is really pretty.
Pickguard the grain of rice is not very effective in protecting shots pick considering its size but the shape of eight he gives have a look really managed to scratch the
switch quality is affected in the sense that it's tough!

I put 8/10 - 2 points for glitter on the table


the handle being paint I told myself aie aie aie! but in fact after a few minutes of play used to it very well it fits snugly and it is in fact very nice!
it is between a handle and a handle super strato ibanez: really end, 24 cases very fast, very easy handling! However, the presence of very flat frets bother me, they promote rapid sweep games at the expense of slower games with hammers / pull off ...
standing the game is very nice guitar does not sting the nose, the knobs fall naturally to hand
for the game sitting position most comfortable I've found is a position of classical guitar.
Indeed in the standard position of the lower horn is not very pronounced slide guitar on the thigh and it is quite unpleasant
as is usual with the brand straplocks compulsory because of the bracket positioning straps on the guitar

- 3 points for the frets (this will not be a default for some of you), the Horn of pronounced low enough that generates an inconvenience for the game and sat for failing to attempt to tie the strap in position classic rear to handle the plate


big big potato microphones! a dynamic breathtaking! and yet in the clean guitar crunche not even on heavy attacks (on an amp with a clean transparent of course)
the sound is very flashy, very bright and yet it is not sound the Fender twang in less depth and more
lot of versatility thanks to the tone knob and the bridge pickup Splitt
However, the tone knob proves effective only from the middle of its travel.
the game with the volume knob would make a difference also seen the output level of microphones

in saturated very big sound! aggressive, accurate, powerful, very safe and Sustain

the switched Splitt is approached directly from a stratovolcanoes but without copying it is different (+ aggressive)

I put 8/10 - 2 for the tone knob makes his race than in Job


a great guitar! original desire as by color, shape their choice of instrument making
ideal for the big sound it will be less at ease in a register blues, rock 60/70
its little problems youths are quickly forgotten when the lead channel on your receiver will be activated!

that is signed by our friend Sanseverino

the +
- The head!
- Quality components
-The look
Potato micro-
-Still quite versatile affirmed despite his attraction to the high gains and fast games
-Comfortable handle
Splitt-bridge pickup

the -

-Frets too flat for my taste
Bottom-horns causing only slight discomfort to the above
Race-tone potentiometer
-Too many sequins Mr. AMV