B.C. Rich Platinum Pro Warlock
B.C. Rich Platinum Pro Warlock
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DesoX 03/27/2005

B.C. Rich Platinum Pro Warlock : DesoX's user review


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BC Rich Platinum Pro Warlock:
Manufacture Korean.
-24 Jumbo frets, 2 humbucking pickups double signed BC Rich.
-Floating Bridge Floyd Rose vibrato model 2003.
Micro-Selector push-pull 3 position, 2 volume knobs, one tone knob.
Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets.


-The neck is just incredible. It is very nice, we do not feel, which can move very quickly (for those who play Satriani ...).
-Access to acute can not be described as "easy," I say "natural" access to the latest freight have absolutely no problems.
-The interface is naturally beautiful (this is called a BC Rich, anyway!) This guitar weighs 4 pounds, which is not especially heavy. In addition, its weight is well balanced, which allows me to jump in all directions with no break my collarbone. Question form, Warlock, for many metalheads (like me) is considered the most beautiful guitar in the world, this detail is resolved. (PS: If you have any doubts, take a oeuil the photo above). Form, although special permits a game (like sitting up) very nice.
-The sound is, in turn, very hot, heavy, fat stain, disgusting ... well ... perfect sound for metal!


-I play everything, especially the symphonic metal, black, neo, punk, death metal, gothic ... and all kinds of blues! I want to say that, whatever the style of music I want to play, I get exactly the sound I want is a real treat
-I play with a Kustom amp 16DFX.
-The sound is often fat and crunch but I always find a way to get a clear sound of the crystal where I want to. For the solos, you can have as acute soft caress of the breeze in the morning or shrill (The result is sublime with distos and treble are perfectly audible). To the beat ... uh ... I find no words. You can have a sound rather calm, flat, or fat, crunch and yucky. I recommend especially for scratch rhythmic groups to symphonic singer because you get a wall of guitar crunch and high fat crossed only by the virtuoso guitarist and the sweet voice of the singer. I have a group of symphony and a group of black and the sound of this guitar for me is unique.


I use it since December 2004
-What I like ... well ... everything! Already at first glance, you say "oula! Zolie it is, this guitar! Say So, she looks very nice!" and once we heard the sound ... well ... if it survives, or it is stolen or you buy it (it depends on people) to be honest but it still was not enough money for purchase. It is dark when the alchool and drugs. Case (mine): ON THE POSSESSED!
-Many models I tested, young padawan before have the BC Rich Plat. Pro Warlock, jedi weapon of any self-respecting (or not). So I had the honor to test the Cort X-2, Cort M-7, the ESP LTD KH 602, the ESP LTD F-200, BC Rich Warlock NJ Supreme Custom, the Jackson Kelly KE3 X and Jackson Warrior XT.
-The value is not bad ... no, j'blague! It is beautiful, what value! A skyscraper's dream (only) 600 euros is a good opportunity that should not be missed.
-With more experience and more money I really think I repeat. But no! What I'm saying! I have already! I will not need it again. I'll just keep this guitar all my life. The final word: If one day you pass this guitar showcase with 600 euros in your pocket, do not go home right away!