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Procopsora 10/13/2006

B.C. Rich NJ SpeedLoader : Procopsora's user review


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Despite its made in Korea, we remain very modest face this jewel.
Two hambuckers Bc Rich offering a powerful sound and sharp prcis (IDAL for mtal) and warm time.
The guitar is equipped with a Floyd Speedloader with innovation.
Three BMOL however:
- The form (although if you achte a Bc Rich, that's extravagant form) that does not allow a musical versatility
- Strings that are not at all easy to find (I recommend buying in batches) but allow an ease of playing, however unlikely.
- The agreement must remain standard (EADGBE) under penalty of drglage total of the instrument.


As cit prcdemment, I guarantee the playability on the fretboard rosewood.
The soloists will be delighted: the 24 frets are all made accessible aisment and allow a rapid Whereas excutive. The tapping and sweepings will become child's play with this jewel.
The weight is pretty consquent and America acqureur of this instrument have to get used to the change in shape.


As a fan of Metallica and Kirk Hammett, I can advise you.
I currently use a Peavey amp (40W therefore, fairly low-end) but even so the sound is irrsistible.
I also use a multi-purpose BOSS GT-8 which amplifies the aggressivit.
This gives a very easy one to suit all typical "Metallicateux / keynote speakers" with just a simple overdrive or distortion.


I use it for two and a half years and I never tire of it. I only learn more and more every day.
This is a MODEL trs good and the price is totally justified.
I would definitely do it again the same choice. Ds I fell in love at first sight. You see, we must try. But do not do this if you do not buy it: it's too late, it will have you conquered ..