Dean Guitars Dimebag ML FBD Tribute
Dean Guitars Dimebag ML FBD Tribute

Dimebag ML FBD Tribute, Other Shape Guitar from Dean Guitars in the Dime ML series.

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deleportony 03/07/2007

Dean Guitars Dimebag ML FBD Tribute : deleportony's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This (very good) guitar is made in Korea.
Building all mahogany (neck and body). Channel glue, flamed maple top (it's beautiful, but too thin for me after having a real impact on the sound). Brazilian sunburst finish very nice. creme binding on body and head is the logo manche.La dean and two small logos (PhotoImpression on the head ... .... and average quality sticker on the body) recalling the owner of the original (I mean the sorry Dimebag course ...

The guitar has a floyd rose of excellent quality, electronics is given to the Seymour Duncan Dimebucker (Dimebag signature requires ...) in bridge position and a humbucker at Dean most versatile in the neck position. It receives for the occasion to scotch tape the same as those of dimebag. electronics is completed by two volumes, one tone and 3-position selector.

I put 8 for photo printing on the head that is not "pro" and the microphone in the neck position, which Dean could have been a Seymour or Dimarzio seen the price of the beautiful (1350 Euros with the dean flycase)


So here we enter the heart of the matter ...
For the record: In the beginning I go to my dealer to test the effects Zakk Wylde and I get to see me proposes the FBD for testing. The is the love at first sight ... and not just for sound. I let the effects and am left with the guitar.
All that to say that trying to adopt ...
The neck is thinner than a gibson but retains almost the same round profile. Out of Ibanez RG that I find it more "natural" to use, it takes over immediately, and in addition it is not very wide, which is great for little hands as I do .
the access to acute and hyper simple (in fact no gene ... as easy as on a RG), we regret is the 24 frets for solos in the more technical genres (Vai, and other).
The Floyd is awesome, very stable and easy to adjust (compared to the ibanez). We can torture him without problem, it is immediately established.
In terms of weight, I was surprised by its lightness that has nothing to do with a Les Paul, contrary to what one might have seen the construction methods quite similar.
At the beginning the position of the volume and tone is crazy for taking that same jack (you really reach out to change the tone or plug in the jack), but hey you get used to it.
Be careful also not to bump the everywhere, it exceeds all odds in games either standing or sitting (which is very comfortable).

Therefore you understand, I put 10 (because you can not put more;)). By far the most enjoyable guitar that I have ever played


... And his good side then?
Second highlight of the Beast (who eats nice when I turned on my amp ...).
The sustain is certainly the largest I've seen so far. Launch a beautiful harmonic (the famous Squeels of Mr. Darrel ...) and you can adjust the vibrato for 10 seconds without hassle.
I plugged into an MXR Zakk Wylde or Dimebag and a POD Pro (or simulation JCM800 Mesa correct).
The bridge pickup is great, with powerful equalization dug in the mediums. It still retains the sound of the guitar was empty and has a grain more "real" than the EMG. Edge to the extreme, it is perfect for metal, however, predict a good quality stuff may find the sound too sharp and crillard, whereby to you (and me ...) that kill the rhythm, the harmonic whistle around but are still incredibly controllable ...
The neck pickup is not as good I think. It lacks a bit of brilliance (why not predict the replacement for the DiMarzio) but for bluesy solos ca do it anyway.
The intermediate position is more fun since it contains the roundness of the neck pickup with the chattering of the HS-13.

I put the 9 to the neck pickup and a small lack of versatility even if no one buys this guitar for playing pop ....


I depluis 6 months. I really appreciate the comfort of games, with a super comfortable neck and its really accurate and powerful. I also love the old school metal aesthetic way, and that playing on the same guitar dimebag. I repproche just the neck pickup that does not follow.

Experience with this choice I would do again (I plan to look elsewhere other ML in some time). The value for money is excellent (although the handle micro dean who auria been better considering the price) When you see the quality manufacturing of this guitar made in korea, I guess not even a U.S. Dean ...
In short, I recommend a guitar has all the desired metal to have a guitar that sounds "real", that is comfortable and has a face ....
I put 9 for the high price (1350 Euros) and the neck pickup