Framus Diablo Pro Natur
Framus Diablo Pro Natur

Diablo Pro Natur, Other Shape Guitar from Framus.

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=kARMA= 07/03/2012

Framus Diablo Pro Natur : =kARMA='s user review

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Lutherie Allemnde (Model 1998)
Body of Frenes Marais / mancheOvangkol
natural color, satin .. I love to paint the black nirvana .. or not, I like more and more ..
The ca ..
Micro Seymopur Duncan SSCR-1N Cool rail - SSL-1 RW / RP und STB-4 Jeff Beck Trembucker
Wilkinson vibrato
Modiff: MECHANICAL change (Grover), knobs, additions splitter switch for the pickups and a Killswitch.
Particularity in the selection of microphones, the central position activates the neck pickup and bridge pickup
the access to the Electronic driving is done very easily through a trap door that clips.


This guitar is surprisingly lightweight, well balanced .. a pleasure to play! the handle and very comfortable, my hand slips over, it's sweet .. rather late, I had a bit of aillor destabilized. I see my way of playing it so I do not tendinitis.
I insist on it for 2 months ... I 'am done and my starts to feel really good! Yesou rather yaAAaaaah!


Once plugged in, and taking into account the type of wood (ash) that particularly well defined at all frequencies .. and my modiff, namely two switches for each humbucker splitter, it has opened more than 10 types of sounds concerning particularly interresting .. plain as saturated ..
We play with the volume and tone (changed for good with Gibson knobs condos!)
The two operated double and split, you end up with a pure sound of TV .. ca Clak! :)
In addition, the vibrato is a good compromise between a vintage vibrato and a floyd .. because I believe, we can say what the agreement is very good! :)
Little more, connected man in studio on my sound card, GR5 ... it sounds better than my strat blackie active ..


A guitar on which I would have felt can be not linger in a store (TFW his horrible pickguard?) .. But its technical features, comfort, sounds, and a final between the original aesthetic Strat and Les Paul TV. I have finished .. .. In séduir new at Thomann, she has displayed is € 2,429, same feature ..?? I have had it 14yrs .. 300EUR .. I am his 3rd owner ... she lived ca be seen but her neck is nickel ... I hearts more .. so if like me you are about to make a case .. do not hesitate long, take your amp and go at least to test it is worth the detour!