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rounard75 12/30/2008

Godin Triumph : rounard75's user review


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Canadian guitar manufacturer obviously carefully, the violin is perfect and gives confidence in the solidity and accuracy of the materials. The triumph availing oneself of three microphones with single brand GODIN Minimizing noise. I chose the natural version, solid mahogany, beautiful. There is a tone slecteur (5 positions), 1 tone, 1 volume. All slecteurs are in metal and not plastic as on competitors models.


The neck suits me well (hands fminines), not too thick and giving good access to the treble. (The pitch is lightly shorter than usual). The guitar sits nicely in hand, the weight tonn me but my first electric guitar: solid! I find very beautiful shape, just the "Paul" with soft rounded. Clean sounds are very beautiful (on the amp blues, twang also make very good guitar ame a little retro ts very welcome). . For saturation distortion is not the highlight of the guitar, could be more powerful but equally li my amp (line 6 spider jam). With modifications my hardware things will work out ...


I chose this guitar for its versatility, beauty (in natural version) of the notorit GODIN confidence that inspired me (music fair 2008). I intend to play ballads, solos type scorpions, rhythmic funk, some jazz, The variety / rock. The sounds on offer seem to match my project. Maybe it should not be only for use with high loadings (simple microphones) but n'tait not my project. I play with a beginner amp versatile wish: Spider Jam Line 6. With hundreds of sound programs and those that are made even so-what I do. Everything fine except Lger makes noise with amp simulation and mtal & Insane. NB: I have my custom guitar in 2011 by adding a Seymour Duncan humbucker SH4: since it gre overruns and modlisations crunch, metal and Insane amp (even if the game chordal remains in this case random image following the presets). The guitar is truly possible dsormais versatile, close to a Fender HSS, with the personality of the two microphones home canning. And well played with a standard zoom G9 lamps pdalier excellent!


I think it's a very good buy for the same price range there was a little impersonal and Yamaha least got my pretty, The variety of sounds on offer 'emblem is very good and sound very nice color, soft and warm enough, I'm not due. The violin is exemplary, one feels the manufacture of North America. It's a beautiful guitar and very good quality. A 510 euro I think I did a very good choice even if the era of my exprience with the understanding that a HSS configuration was more fits my project: c is done for a surcoat of 130 euro causes included!