Gretsch G5435T Pro Jet w/Bigsby
Gretsch G5435T Pro Jet w/Bigsby

G5435T Pro Jet w/Bigsby, Other Shape Guitar from Gretsch.

Public price: $1,000 VAT
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gretchen 11/11/2011

Gretsch G5435T Pro Jet w/Bigsby : gretchen's user review

«  A bargain! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Chinese production has evolved not only the price is very attractive, but now the quality is by appointment, as was already noted for Guild, Blueridge and others. The Gretsch has an excellent finish, I had to tighten some buttons, but otherwise everything is perfect: factory setting nickel, polish and perfect threads, frets well polished ... the feel of a guitar 5 times more expensive. The pickups are Filtertron 'Blacktop' (= HiLoTron with cover), so the reissues from those of 70 years who had an output level higher than the previous ones, and the knobs are OK, not very linear, but quite effective.


Accustomed to the sleeves of my other '50s Gibson guitars, I'm not out of place by that of the Gretsch, a little late, but taking it in hand. The action is ultra low, access to acute easy (especially compared to hollowbodies brand) and the chambered body is light enough (more than my LP or my 335, just under my SG). The knobs are well laid out, including the overall volume, very accessible. The guitar was not plugged into a good sound and good resonance, you can feel it vibrate.


The Filtertron are duplicates in parallel, so a sound closer to a simple double series of Gibson (but less than slamming DeArmond). This personality is revealed especially on the clean channel of my amp (Rivera), a very defined and crystalline, the 'jangle' perfect for country or rockabilly, but well suited to rock / blues too, even jazzy on the neck pickup . On the overdrive channel, the difference with the '57 Classic or P90 is still present but less clear is lighter, less greasy but it's still on the micro incisive chevalet.Bon sustain in all configurations.


For decades I try guitars, I have rarely seen such a good price / quality ratio. I have as much fun to play with my fat neck seven times more expensive! I did not have long but I think the finish will be durable and strong, and I certainly would do the purchase. J "have the black version without Bigsby (I do not use it), and mechanical are much agreement. Little more: belt clip screw. Petit least: no carrying case comes with.
Buying for Gretsch sound without breaking the bank! English See also:
(The guy is that his 5445 sounds better than its PowerJet equipped with TV Jones!)