Gretsch G6131SMY Malcolm Young I
Gretsch G6131SMY Malcolm Young I

G6131SMY Malcolm Young I, Other Shape Guitar from Gretsch in the Malcom Young series.

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El gringo 05/20/2006

Gretsch G6131SMY Malcolm Young I : El gringo's user review


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Model G6131SMYF
Manufacturing-Japan, as the whole current range (except custom shop USA, unaffordable), the coup consistency in manufacturing quality ...
-22 Frets over zero fret.
-1 High Sensitive FilterTronTM Pickup, that's enough.
-Badass Bridge, the Les Paul Junior.
-1 Volume of the horn, great ergonomics, a tone.
-Mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, gibson type 60 ', which pretty late, mother of pearl markers.
-Mahogany body
-Flamed Maple top

A skyscraper that goes to the point.


Channel very nice, a bit confusing at first (15 minutes roughly!) So the comfort is there!
-Access to acute royal class.
Guitar-very light, it's a semi hollow body (acoustic cavities on either side of the central beam). Ideal for the stage, especially after playing on Les Paul!
Get easy-good sound with this guitar ... redundant!


-I play the big rock, so Foofighters.La malcom is perfect for that!
Connected to a JCM800-2203 original or a JMP 2203 from 78 according to the mood, the crunch is more than a few good ... "boosters" (Super Hard On Zvex, MXR Micro Amp, MXR Zack Wylde, Jacques Fuse Blower) ...
-The sounds produced? From the big crystal clear sound dynamics exceptional spot ... (yes, yes, outstanding!)


I play for 6 months, all my other shovels could not resist ... they never left their cases ... goodbye ... gibson and fender
I crack on lightness, ease of play, dynamic sound classy.
I have the opportunity to try a lot of models, all brands ... Value for great price (it cost a few cents, but it sounds).
I even Taté to buy a second.
10 everywhere, but I'm completely hooked!
Of course I would do the same choice!

For Those about to rock, we salute you!