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seb9529 12/20/2006

Guild S300-D : seb9529's user review


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I have a 300d s guild for over 10 years now, mine comes from the United States (certificate stuck to the cover plate of the electron), it was built in 1979 (the date of identification made possible by the serial number engraved behind the head of the guitar). the body and neck are mahogany
this guitar is built in a single game, the two pickups are DiMarzio double active one 9 volt battery is housed dand the Electrical
microphones each have a control switch for activation, so it has multiple possible sound on this guitar, thanks to the 3-position selector.

This guitar has 24 frets, which is very nice for solos.


The neck of this guitar is super comfortable to play, access to the treble is very easy thanks to the cutaway of the guitar
this guitar is very light which is very pleasant when we play a while with standing.
the sound of this guitar is exellent, the sound is very hot Surta when the microphones are turned on (I have set the two mini potentiometer inside the electronic back of the guitar because it had a clear saturation easy, the gain is set to c a feast for the ears)


I use this guitar for any type of music this guitar is suitable for all types of the Palm to the metallica guitar is very versatile, enabling the microphone (I'm back on again ...) can go on with a solo remarquable.j easy to use this guitar on a fender 15 watt amp small because I'm flat and I did the same pleasure on a big amp


I use this guitar since 1996 what I love about this guitar is its huge sound and ease of play, which is a shame is the lack of a little vibrato on the guitar (you can not have everything )
among all my guitars this one is my favorite, if I ever come across a sale somewhere I buy it direct, this guitar is a collector's item that is listed in the current € 1,500 (in a proper state of course! !)