Hagstrom F200P
Hagstrom F200P

F200P, Other Shape Guitar from Hagstrom in the F series.

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almost_framus 12/24/2010

Hagstrom F200P : almost_framus's user review

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Made in China with 21 frets and a set mahogany neck. It comes with matched H90 (P-90) pickups Vol X1, Tone X1 and 3 way Pickup selector all mounted on a pearloid pick guard.
It uses Hagstroms full contact tremelo system which works ok. since I don't use trem I added 3 additional springs and have it tightened down. This actually makes it resonate through the Mohogany body and neck even better. This one features the discontinued White Pearloid Pick Guard that Hagstrom now offers in Charcoal Pearloid instead.


The highest frets are a little harder to reach than an Ultra Swede. But it's not that big of a deal because of the sound this thing puts out. Because of the short neck scale and smaller than SG body it's light for a mahogany bodied guitar. The back of the neck is more D shaped than the Ultra Swede as well but I like it. The P 90's crank out perfect tone whether my amp is on the clean channel or with high gain.


I use a Roland JC-120 with a TS-9 Tube Screamer in front of it. I use a Morley Distortion 1 pedal for my solo boost. I also use a Vox VT100 with a foot-switch to change up the sounds variations. I usually play with a lot of gain and flat EQ. I can get any sound I want out of this guitar. For instance playing lighter stuff through the clean channel on my amp is suitable for entertaining the old folks. I will probably not buy any other brand of guitar than Hagstrom.
I'm partial to the 24.75" scale of this one, the F200 and Ultra Swede set Neck guitars.


I really like how much lighter is is than an SG or LP. It way more stylish than a Strat too. It's just a good all around sound machine. I would probably not buy another 21 fret guitar which is why I'm eager to receive my new F200.

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