Hohner LX 200 G
Hohner LX 200 G

LX 200 G, Other Shape Guitar from Hohner.

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Psyclik 12/30/2005

Hohner LX 200 G : Psyclik's user review


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- No ide the country of manufacture, but I think in Asia.
- 21 boxes, 2 double 1 single splitable.
- Classic vibrato, correct no more.
- 5-way switch, Volume, Tone splitter, classqieu and effective.
- Wooden handle .

In short, nothing really Folichon, it breathes not necessarily robust.
The 19th fret of my box on the high E sounds trs wrong, I never had time to bring in a luthier to correct a. The problem n'tait not original, so it can be completely my fault And a tench as a solo, I do not pose too much problem.


- The handle is correct, or a highway or a log.
- The ACCS is not that good at acute terrible! In addition, "only" 21 boxes, it is clearly not a guitar for shreddeurs.
- Ergonomics excellent, it looks like quite a stratum to have the ergonomics .
- Sound, bah with a good amp and good hands, it draws something, you just have no hope to the moon. It makes quite plain and crunch, it is an unnamed saturated boiling.


- I play mostly metal (mlodique death, thrash, heavy 80's, metalcore), so no, it does not fit, so I kept it parcque I did not sub for something else simply. That said, I still keep on hand a long time, if only to vary.
- I play on Peavy Bandit 112 / X-Vamp with my parents and live in sound card + piola buzz in my student. It makes much better on the PC (rglages thinner and Varis) .
- On the PC, it is quite versatile, but for once, the VST are to many. The villain, as I said above, clean crunch and fair, and actually quite rough distortion sucks.


- I play it for 6 years, j'attens replace it should happen in the coming days.
- I: the clean and the price, OCCAZ a friend has the 400 francs era, I do not like: the rest.
- I tried many guitars before (my custom dja Millnots: D), Ibanez, Jackson, Squier, BC Rich, and overall for its price range, it is better than the squier and bc rich, but worse than the ibanez and jackson. I speak on MODELS I tried not to forcment meillrus MODELS low end;) .
- Report price quality: not bad, it's a guitar to learn, and under these conditions is the ok, the rest is not worth it.
- If I had to redo this choice? 15, no money, and a friend offers you a scratch learning correct 400 francs, of course I take . At nine, I took aute thing, jackson or ibanez I think.

In short, entry-level guitar, which made its taf, no more, no less.