Ibanez ADC120
Ibanez ADC120

ADC120, Other Shape Guitar from Ibanez in the Arondite series.

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VINCEB77 12/05/2011

Ibanez ADC120 : VINCEB77's user review

«  Ibanez damn good Chinese »

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Value For Money : Excellent
For the technical description, résumé prcdemment t aa well. Chinese-made but good mics VK1 and VK2 are home Ibanez, the hot rails humbuckers with Alnico 5 magnets type. Apparently they are made to the style "Baritone" tuning down. the guitar is heavy, mahogany should not be trs sec ....


I like the handle but it is not CHARACTERISTICS highway grades in typical Ibanez. Less easy, but, in the classic.
On mine with extra-light shooting home I can not lower the action of the strings without frisouille mode. So we must see through a beefier pulling and re-adapted to a rglage finally have a lower action that suits me more. Good ergonomics, but heavy equilibrated in play sitting down. Despite the price range and the Chinese-made, the finish is flawless, and does not lment cheap (slecteur, knobs, mechanical ...), Ibanez really well done!


This guitar I bought it just by the cost over a dmo on CD, order without Prior test. Once Reue, I had to up the height of the microphone (by adding the springs oblivion by small Chinese ...) to find this sound to me as tonn. It is the strong point ( subjective and personal) of these individuals who have a micro grain (a bit dirty & Specifications) which I love. It is by no means confined to the rhythm mtal hairy, I like it as much in style blues, jazz, rock ... silent on BMD it plugs into an all-tube amp RIVERA is falling! On my little Roland cube 20-x, she sang on my Marshall 50 watt, the grain goes a bit less.
For trying the Ibanez rcemment Chinese, I did not find the same quality of finish, and only the RGD 320Z Team mic gave me the same like with bananas If this grain spcial, as neutral and active pickups do not give me cold. BMOL The small, despite the technical choices (set neck, fixed bridge, string through-...) does not sustain the expected level, but I compare with my LAG Roxanne Classic is the ct of this fabulous ... may be a mahogany too young?


I have 4 years and it always pleases me. His original look, its DCOS the handle abalone, she of the mouth, and sounds a sturdy characters. I 'm expecting an easier handle typical Ibanez, but I do and j'espre amliorer this. hsit a time I sell it and replace it with an ART 120, but not I keep it the, the sound is unique.
The quality-price ratio is excellent, the Chinese prices without consideration.
Although Ibanez jou!