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slaviero 10/29/2014

Italia Guitars Monza : slaviero's user review

«  amplified guitar rare and baffling »

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Korean guitar
beautiful finish pearloid, sequins, gold thread on the song back to the 60s, although it semblerais date of 80 90?
handle typical fender strat very pleasant modern (v) 22 frets
agathis body
maple neck
rosewood fingerboard
graphite nut
3 single pickups Wilkinson WVS
Wilkinson VS50 II bridge with vibrato
removable amp
color: red and white sequined superb broken
mechanical gotoh


very enjoyable to play, lightweight, perfectly balanced when the amp is unplugged. it's like a stato (to have one) with a single tone knob, ergonomics very similar ... and vibrato super quality


simple microphones, floors are quite dynamic, the typical strat 5 positions, the usual open opportunities
c crunch is great for the rockabilly, surf, blues etc, its just a little light compared to its inspiration
my preference for intermediate positions and pickup that works wonders with saturation, tone is exploitable! especially with the small amp splitable

the amp, although gadget, issues half the volume crunch beautiful, inimitable, it sounds very c garage and is widely exploited by transplanting as is! for real clear sound volume is very low! there is no significant food batteries !!! (1 * 9V) we do not fully understand the function of the second knob, probably a tone but it also plays a lot on the level of saturation ...


good guitar, versatile and beautiful, with a very big plus for the amp to work quickly, type beef tit for tat in the garden, traveling etc, for my part a favorite sticking to my philosophy

and c is unknown guitar better! prices should not fly away too! buy during a trip to beijing 100th !!!! you think that I regret nothing! (Although I took of other quality b
I saw him here a 350th of OCCAZ which seems really honest given the rarity and beauty concept ...