Kronodale Musical Instruments Recycled G

Recycled G, Other Shape Guitar from Kronodale Musical Instruments.

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woodoocry 02/03/2008

Kronodale Musical Instruments Recycled G : woodoocry's user review


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22 frets
neck without truss rod, metal U-shaped rod, not adjustable, then!
easel kronodale
2 micro KA
1 2 1vollume Tonnal switch


Channel copied on a Squier Telecaster, the fretage is not bad, but planning a massacre t, irratrapable saw the cart in level between frets 5 and 6, we can not remove + or we attack the button lol: p, a touch I've never just to show the work has some friends luthiers .... has some laugh .... others that their career is at the beginners of living, cry to the lack of professionalism ....


His criart, limit strident, a buzz has died of a shielding limit
many opportunities for its electronics but really limit is limited ....
ruined all his ...


Does it disassemble, back, have I loved the rules, I'm not a pro luthier prtentions but I can say that I made later, I m me the instrument that sounds much better!
I had bought before going to a violin making, and I knew not much I can say though, that through this machine that I really am interested in a guitar and a violin making amateur , So by KKE meri Kronodale because I regret it!