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dardar motus 01/13/2013

Maton MS500 50th Anniversary : dardar motus's user review

«  a rarity to try »

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Maton guitar manufactures in Australia, and we propose here a model of its flagship anniversary reissue electric 58. 22 frets mounted on a handle vintage "D" I think with a flat radius of 12 inches, a handle type "end Gibson»
The body is Silver Silkwood local wood. The grain is beautiful but what is striking is the lightness of the guitar, which prevented one resonance exceptional instrument even unplugged.
Maton has two microphones mounted type P90, 7.5 k with this subtlety: the bridge pickup is actually a 14k splittable in P90! Which literally multiplies the versatility of the excavator.
The finish is perfect ... but I'll in conclusion.

more info:


The handle is very nice, access is good without being a strat, the weight is great, the only two negative details are:
-Gloss varnish on the back of the handle that hangs sometimes chouille
-Overall balance: sitting, horn bottom prevents perfect resort
standing and the guitar is balanced "horizontal" and not "round up" which requires the use of a good strap.
Understand that these are details that do nothing to tarnish the quality of the instrument.


I would not fall into the common superlatives but this guitar is fantastic.
The sound is that of a "set neck" mounted P90 but with a special grain had its wood, it has a special dynamic. Because that's what attracted me immediately is associated with slamming his incredible sustain, the notes never end.
This guitar sounds "stick" in the proper sense of the word, we do not play on frets but on wood. It will therefore cover a wide range of sound and style very wide, from blues to rock to heavy rock, it might even, given its resonance, some interest jazzmen.

I play in a heavy rock, with a lot of fuzz and P90 are wonderful, the humbucker allows passages in force, and to roar lamps.
What is remarkable is that the neck pickup bold, but with plenty of attack. We will not have such a thick sound les paul is lighter but we will sustain. The notes are organized very well, the agreements set perfectly on a wall of fuzz face.


I tried many guitars because I wanted to finally pay me a super shovel, you know the kind, you enter the store empty handed and spring bank account dry, but happy as a night Christmas in eight years.
It is in this spirit that I went into a department store on Boulevard Sebastopol, I came to this guitar, a rarity I've seen twice in my life, idea germinates immediately "I must try it. " Twenty minutes later, with sellers who fumble turns the Maton, my decision is, I pay the price of a deluxe strat. While I was near us to spend more.
This is a rarity but this time its rarity does not give rise to speculation import or resale.
Finish, features, touch, sound, violin, are exceptional for a guitar in this price range, and all outstanding short indeed. It is said that Maton is a closely guarded secret, you might think, as the value is truly unbeatable, just follow the competition.
One tip, if fate makes you cross a Maton listen to that little path and try a, but be warned! You may end up with a crisis GAS ....

Needless to say I would do this choice without a second's hesitation.