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Doliprane 04/29/2004

Music Man EVH : Doliprane's user review


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It does makes the United States, San Luis Obispo at Ernie Ball / MusicMan.
The electron is what is + simple: 2 hambuckers custom EVH with 3-position selector. Similarly for knob volume labeled "Tone". No Tone knob of fact. And that's good.
MusicMan licensed vibrato Floyd is possible on the table, so we can only dtendre strings, which is an advantage if ngligeable rope breaks: the tuning of other strings do not move .
And with an easel possible we gain in sustain and resonance. The stem is blocked by a small hex head screws, so you can lock the rod as the left floating. The color mcaniques Schaller crme are pretty trs.

PS: I installed a D-tuna on the low E string. It works great.


A highlight of this guitar: The neck! In Saddle Mouchet (bird's eyes), it is the + beautiful effect! In addition, it seems to be so for years jou is enjoyable. And because it is not painted highlights even more the feeling of comfort and jouabilit.
The 22 boxes are super accessible, the frets are medium or jumbo or too small. on the other hand, it may not be appropriate for large (big) fingers!
The wave table is beautiful, great art. matrial with the nobles, the guitar has a remarkable resonance and an empty trs good sustain. The harmonics do not require that the handle out and encourages the tapping.
The guitar may seem a bit small in the eyes of bcp, but it is balance, not heavy trs.
One regret: one for the notches right forearm would not t too. The angular cot can generate and the long tiring.


In any case, it sounds! The pickups are impressive power and grain, harmonic everywhere, and a full bass. Just me playing the VH, I love a. For heavy distortion, not PBS! For clean sounds, I think it is prfrable to play with the selector in center position.
You can play almost everything with. I use it with a Peavey 5150. So it's the foot! The sound is huuuuge! Only needs qques effects (such MXR flanger / phaser, 1 or 2 babiolles and fingers of the master) and you will take to Eddie.


I bought mine from okaz 2 months ago. I had three guitars (not bad) before this one and I must say it is day and night. It is more fun to play and we are surprised also play games that happen not before!
Basically, I wanted to buy a Peavey Wolfgang. And I saw this MusicMan watching me behind the window and aa t love at first sight. I compared the two and I do not MODELS hsit The MusicMan has two things that do not have the Peavey: Magic and qualitfinition.
I bought mine in 2580 (knowing that it has a status of collector) and I think this is a fair price. We find 3000 or even 4000! See also United States of MODELS 7999 $....
And for anything I sell. With MusicMan Luke is my guitar prfre.