Music Man John Petrucci 6
Music Man John Petrucci 6

John Petrucci 6, Other Shape Guitar from Music Man in the John Petrucci series.

Fabio 11/19/2003

Music Man John Petrucci 6 : Fabio's user review


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I was lucky and happiness of some length might try this little gem from home MusicMan:
A model Signature John Petrucci,: =)
So is the bte manufactures in California, it says above, p, the finish is irrprochable.
The one I tried silent "full options" head painted in the same tone "mystic dream" that the body (great pop !!!), "JP" on the first box, piezo pickup ...

In terms of equipment:
- 2 humbucking Di Marzio (models spciaux JP)
- Piezo pickup easel
- 2 output jack (normal / piezo)
- 3 position selector, volume and tone
- Selector humbucking / piezo 3 positions
- Vibrato MusicMan Petrucci model
- Schaller locking mcaniques


The handle is a marvel! Just to lay hands on to feel ... home!
The profile is the Ibanez style, fairly flat and very thin. The lack of further increase the coating slip.
24 jumbo frets on a rosewood in touch, here goes well.
CHAC is to treble the trs ais dcoupe particulire infrieure horn, and the rounded heel.

The ergonomics are very good, dcoupes horns and the curvature of the table are not for nothing.
The guitar is very well balance.

The vibrato MusicMan walking pretty good (and exchange Floyd ...), but in my opinion, it is not very suitable for such Brutos Steve Vai ...


For sound: Well, Dream Theater Listen and you will see what can give a, =)

The two DiMarzio humbucking fulfill their duty very well: the crunch of mtal, the sound is very prcis,
a does not drool. As for her ... he even difficult to say, the seller forced me on a branch of JP Line6 HD 147 ... a help!, but does not aim! Anyway, no worries, a ring (er. .. a ring rather mtal even when, =)).

Micro Piezo: while the great slap!
The JP branch Live mix table, exit to a pair of MSP5: these are not notes coming out of HP, it's crystal! The sound is pure prcis, a "slap" as an acoustic!
Arpge any, any chord sounds! It's beautiful!


This guitar is simply outstanding!!
It is full of discoveries and more clever, and we feel that Petrucci has invested in this MODEL:
- The hollows in the table used to position the forearm
- The knobs are shaped vaguely conical and surrounded by a band of grooved rubber.
the volume knob as prs microphones placed very ... easy on the little finger with violoning!
- The handle without varnish (a real highway shredder!), Etc, etc. ....

In short, everything is perfect on this guitar ....
Oh yes, the price ... Aaaaargh!! € 3350 for this MODEL .... but hey, perfection is paid: /
MusicMan and in, many things are options, we can have a model without John Petrucci piezo, without heads and painted without inlays JP button for about € 2600 ...

Conclusion: Put me in the same 7-string, and will ;=)))