Nicklaus Lutherie BEL G1 BAT Modèle Unique
Nicklaus Lutherie BEL G1 BAT Modèle Unique

BEL G1 BAT Modèle Unique, Other Shape Guitar from Nicklaus Lutherie.

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Nicklaus 11/23/2006

Nicklaus Lutherie BEL G1 BAT Modèle Unique : Nicklaus's user review


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I built this guitar in France
She has 24 boxes
1 EMG 81 humbucker (bridge)
A simple micro Aria (middle)
1micro double Ibanez (neck)
The bridge is a floyd rose licensed floyd
For pots: There is a general volume + 2 independent volumes for the serious and the micro micro micro aigu.Chaque benefited from a switch spar.Il is also a Tone and a general push-pull button volume to boost the gain was 20 dB.
The handle is of type Ibanez RT 40
The body is Ash
The maple neck and rosewood fingerboard


The handle is very enjoyable and for access to acute there is nothing to say on the treble strings as the serious, machining of the body is done.
Contrary to appearances, it is not very heavy and the balance is perfect unlike some that BC Rich is an imbalance in the head (too heavy)
With regard to the sound he has very good acoustics and sustain the industry when it destroys everything!
One can spend his Entombed to that of Slayer Death through if we just s'atarde on set Varis it offers, besides you can play something other than HARD above even if the shape does not lend itself at first sight.
Precision: we are very comfortable to play standing and sitting, the shape is designed to not become damaged right forearm on the body (bizaute and rounded). it is also positioned aisment when playing seated, it very well calsans injury.


The sound is perfect for my style and my game
I use a Sovtek head and body Mig100 4 * 12 Hughes & Kettner
I also use a rack with Peavy Preamp RockMaster, equa melheart 2 * 15 bands, a major one hush g EC30 compressor, sensor and sometimes twelve o'clock SH75
The sound is very good at distortion, all the notes agree, there is no real "frequencies forget"
Its clear she has even surprised some dealers music stores o I estimate she has made her a really hot and alive.


I use it for a year and a half
What I like most is its unique shape and special sound
By a lack of budget I have tried several guitars but I resigned myself to build it myself.
With the experience I'll build more!
If you want to contact me send me your questions for prospective information or even customizations ... Bye