Peavey V-Type NTB
Peavey V-Type NTB

V-Type NTB, Other Shape Guitar from Peavey.

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Audiofanzine FR 12/04/2008

Peavey V-Type NTB : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by Revan#/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- Hand-made in Korea

- Lime tree body and neck (I guess it's lime tree due to the weight and the clear sound)

- Rosewood fingerboard

- Body-through neck and body-through strings...

- 24 jumbo frets

- Two Dual Blade ceramic humbuckers with high output level

- 3-way toggle switch

- Two controls: volume, tone

- Perfect finish, pearly binding!! Wonderful


The guitar is very easy to play thanks to its lightness, its slim, flat and comfortable neck, and the access to the upper frets up to the 24th fret...


Here is where it gets interesting:

The unplugged sound is very good thanks to the manufacturing quality.

The response is brilliant and crystal-clear. The sound is as beautiful as the guitar.

Amplified sound:

1. Clean

It confirms the acoustic sound, but given that the pickups can't be split the clean sound is never as crystal-clear as when unplugged... It's the only disadvantage of this guitar, if you consider the acoustic sound.

2. Distortion

I'm a Machine Head fan and I bought this guitar to play it in drop B.

With a normal tuning the sound and dynamic response are very impressive. Once dropped the manufacturing quality shows its real value:

The instrument sounds great in spite of the very low tuning! Heavy metal rules!

The lower you tune the better it responds...

The pickups sound perfect with distortion, their response is great regardless of the low frequency content. The sound is clear up to drop B tuning (I didn't try lower tunings...)

It's really stunning...

Update: I tuned down to drop A... The sound is still clear and precise!


Exceptional guitar with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. Value for money: unbeatable... Forget all other heavy metal guitars like ESP, LTD, Jackson, Dean, BC Rich, Ibanez, etc. They are much more expensive...

I like the fact that Peavey guitars are not famous... because I don't like it when other people play the same guitar as me... That's the reason I regret having posted this review... Forget what I wrote, I don't recommend this guitar!

Update: Forget it, it has been discontinued... Oh and by the way I forgot to mention that it's labeled "Limited Edition"...