PRS Custom 22 Birds Artist Package
PRS Custom 22 Birds Artist Package

Custom 22 Birds Artist Package, Other Shape Guitar from PRS.

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yotiram 09/30/2006

PRS Custom 22 Birds Artist Package : yotiram's user review


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Manufacturing USA
22 jumbo frets I believe
2 Dragons II a split, three positions, as a les paul which
easel prs 1 volume 1 tone
the handle is wide fat, ie a thin


As with all guitars on his préférences.Mais the handle is very comfortable and easy to play even for me who has small hands.


Then it maintenantqu'on because of the beast and it perceives that a super scratch, may not be suitable to his style, or less than another.
I play a Rivera chubster 40 and is obtained (as any good tube amp I'll assume) very nice distorted sounds, powerful warm, accurate, and sounds smooth and crystal clear celon settings.
I love all the sounds of this guitar, but unfortunately for me it is not vintage touch that I love for my style, blues-rock.
I put 10 anyway because the guitar is flawless, the guitar is at stake.
Sisi, let's be humble


I use it for 2 months and I made an impulse purchase (which does not mean that I have a whim to the seller and the store ran out, guitar in hand) was a I had a dream a long time and I came across a good okaz.
I had not taken the time to essyer this model before and it is so beautiful that I broke down without trying ....
This guitar is really excellent in every way and its possibilities are immense. You can really play anything and it will sound.
The value for money seems high if you buy new (between 4100 and 4750 euros) but good Okaz is ok. Finally when you love it does not count.
I personally do not have that choice would do. It's not the guitar that is in question again, but the guitarist. This scraper is perfect for someone to mind a little more modern than I, but my style is no substitute for good old stratum could