PRS Santana III
PRS Santana III
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boogie les bons tuyaux 09/12/2012

PRS Santana III : boogie les bons tuyaux's user review

"Good and powerful"

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Where is it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France...)

US model
How many frets and what kind of pickups does it have? What's the pickup configuration?
24 frets
2 PRS zebra coil humbucker pickups

What kind of bridge does it have (Floyd Rose, Wilkinson....)?
prs acc 4007 tremolo.

What controls does it have (volume, tone, pickup selector...)?
What kind of neck does it have?
Volume, tone, LM-type switch.


Is the neck comfortable?
Very comfortable, I prefer it to my prs CE 24, which is too slim, too slender

Is the access to the upper frets easy?
Yes, it couldn't be easier, although I would've preferred thinner frets from the 20th fret.

Is the instrument ergonomic (body shape, weight...)?
Nothing to do with a LP, you can play 4 hours straight without a problem

Is it easy to get a good sound? ...
It's incredibly versatile.
A small snag, however, is that mine sounds too sharp when I play clean, despite my efforts to adjust the highs with my amp.
Which affects my other guitars, since I have to alter my settings live.
I also tried to adjust the pickups. It was useless.
I would love to read what other people say about this.


Does it suit your music style?
Yes, very open sound.
And it sounds good with anything: fender, marshall, mesa and, as of lately, ENGL!!
Which amp(s) or effect(s) do you use with it?
I'm sold on this one.
Engl and mesa
I have an engl powerball and a mesa mark V

What kind of sounds do you get and which settings do you use ("crystal-clear," "fat," etc.)?
Fat, fat linking park-like sounds, but also really vintage funky and bluesy sounds.
Very nice for picking as well.

Which sounds do you prefer / hate?

I love a clean sound that is a bit thick, like a strat with a light tube screamer.
I love to get this sound with the santana.
The humbuckers fulfill this role fabulously.
Further, as I said before, I hate the shrill sound of my PRS, that's why I give it 8/10



How long have you been using it?
I've had it 2 years and play 50 gigs per year.

Which feature do you like the most / the least?
Its weight, reliability and that you can do whatever you want with it.
And its look!!
Did you try any of other models before buying this one?
I have 2 strats, one LP and another PRS

How would you rate its value for money?
It's expensive, but I don't want to see this model everywhere. Quality has its price.

Based on your experience, would you buy this product again? ...
Yes, I'm looking for another one to not wear it out.