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iamqman 02/14/2012

PRS SC 250 : iamqman's user review

"yes i can"

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Tony Smith guitars have built some of the most beautiful guitars in existence. Many other guitars have a great beautiful flames or quilted maple top or some sort of exotic wood on top of any body would. These guitar's usually use the exact same one combinations however they do use different paint jobs and pick up selections two very different models as well. A lot of times they'll very their models with the neck size which gives their company a little bit more variety. This guitar features two humbucker pick ups with it to tone control knobs and two volume control knobs as well as a pickup selector.


This guitar is basically a knock off of a Gibson Les Paul guitar. It's overall body in shape and features really come from and inspired by the Gibson Les Paul instrument. This is a six string guitar and has a nice fixed bridge which most and all Les Paul's seem to have except for the newer modernized Gibson Les Paul is that feature the access or Floyd Rose features. This is a very cool guitar and has a beautiful top and the tone of it is quite good.


If you've ever played type of Gibson Les Paul guitar that you know exactly the type of tone your to get with this instrument. I really like the bird inlays within the frets and it gives the guitar a cool looking vibe. The tone of it is a nice warm rich tone that is inviting and very conducive to medium to high gain amps. So if you uses for the high gain amplifier such as a Bogner, Marshall, Mesa boogie then you will get a get warm steak juicy tone.


These guitars have been discontinued for a while but Paul Reed Smith does have some newer models available that basically are exactly the same body style as this instrument. I suggest going with one of those or if you're really looking for something used and you might be off on one of these on the classified sections of forms or auction sites.