Ran Guitars Avenger
Ran Guitars Avenger

Avenger, Other Shape Guitar from Ran Guitars.

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Hawklord 04/10/2006

Ran Guitars Avenger : Hawklord's user review


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As this is a model semi-custom manufactured in Poland, here are the specifications of the estimate in December 2004: Ran Avenger 7 string Guitars:
body_shape = Avenger, construction = thru neck, mahogany body_material =
flamed_maple_top = no, binding_ = no, = black finish, Avenger headstock_shape =
neck_material = mahogany, reverse = yes, headstock_finish = black
neck_finish = satin, ebony fingerboard =, = 24 number_of_frets, fret_size = standard, = inlays skulls
= graphite nut, width = 1 7 / 8 "7 string, hardware_color = black
bridge_system = ABM Fixed 7 string Bridge, Schaller tuning_machines = locked, pickups_neck = EMG 707, EMG pickups_bridge = 81 / 7
control_knobs = volume + tone, pickup_selector = 3-way toggle, 1080 euro. For the price of the day with a config that I liked, hard to put a black mark ...


The handle is in C (not as flat as an Ibanez), in a medium width for a 7-string. Easy to play with a very low string action. The shape Avenger and neck-through option allows easy access to the latest boxes. Copy the form Avenger BC Warlock is probably the most atypical forms ergononmique metallers, with balance for the game up, and good positioning on the thigh for the game sat. The weight of the beast is quite high because of all mahogany and a good thickness of the body, not far from 5 kgs. But again it sounds ...


Ran Guitars is very oriented metal and if it is your style you will not be disappointed. Depending on your choices for customization, the results will be different. Personally, I took a seven-string guitar for a good at a price equivalent to a good LTD or Schecter with my options (inverted mechanical locking, ebony fingerboard, warm mahogany, EMG 81 / 7 with easel String through body, ...). The bridge is an ABM 7-string, very compact and close to the principle of a modern Telecaster easel. I do not find very attractive but it can not be too close to the lower body cut (actually a Gibson style tailpiece was impossible to house) but it is good and effective as the rest of the acastillage. Result in clean, there was a sound similar to a Gibson with good sustain with a touch of TLC. Original and excellent. In full, we get a heavy sound with well defined 707 and a more aggressive with the 81 / 7 in the same genre as their counterparts in 81/85 sic strings. No surprise for those who appreciate the rendering of EMG of mahogany ...


Commissioned in December 2004, I received it in June 2005. The finish was flawless, no complaints on the outside of the guitar. It is so dark it is hard to take pictures. Ebony keys have not changed, the hoop was perfect and stayed. To place a phase inverter on the 81 / 7, I watched the mail that is a little less careful (not the components that are EMG) as the violin. The pickups did not spring for height adjustment. A piece of foam (which normally packed in their boxes EMG) was placed under each pickup to replace the springs. I have transferred and put springs on the screws. Apart from this little sour note, the quality is impressive for the price (at least a year ago). There is no equivalent to this form (other than Custom US another world price). Even six strings addicts forms Warlock, as there is not much between the Korean and US Agathis virtually impossible to find in Europe. It has not been a year in May its sound improves over time which is a good sign.