Schecter Tempest Custom
Schecter Tempest Custom

Tempest Custom, Other Shape Guitar from Schecter in the Tempest series.

cookie 10/16/2007

Schecter Tempest Custom : cookie's user review


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Well made I think.
Set neck, 2 Duncan Design pickups Humb, 3-position selector pickups, 3 knobs in which a push-pull.


The handle is nice, the access is easy to acute, ergonomics is good, for against this guitar is a bit heavy as it is made with real wood tree ^ ^ (that's good).
The settings are simple and intuitive, FLOW ...
To the sound of this guitar should not try to send the hair, it is more rock than heavy metal stained.


With my group, it is a style rock / metal and actually I took this skyscraper to make my game a little less metal (I understand ...)
Gear level it is combined with a home mesa 50/50 + line 6 pod pro + randall cube. So although it stings the ears.

I sound more in the midrange, a little fat. This guitar has the trunk, do not load your sound and low gain (low feedback ca ...) The highs are present and just right for me, I hear too much metal.
I focus the light side too because it's not necessarily my favorite field, but it's clean, clear with good roundness. It's not a slam, it's late.
The push pull is interesting, not necessarily practical to switch (to be drawn on a vertical knob) but it's nice intros for no gain.

A comparison between this guitar is I Gibson and PRS. But it's more finish PRS will be used.


- I've had one month

The pros: The sound really good, although the mouth and original class, the quality of materials even if the microphones could be much better, they make up the matter squarely.

The -: weight, trouble found the brand in Europe (I had to import it).

The quality / price is right, buy € 490 and nine saw the price of C $ can be interesting at the moment.