Silvertone u1 ref 1452
Silvertone u1 ref 1452

u1 ref 1452, Other Shape Guitar from Silvertone.

iron fist 05/07/2006

Silvertone u1 ref 1452 : iron fist's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
US-made of course by Danelectro, when buying a silvertone of the 50 is identical in all respects a Danelectro.
mine is a u1, shaped vaguely paul, lipstick with a microphone, a volume up a Tone.


Maple neck super comfortable because refrettles original brass frets are little comfort if the guitar is no more t refrett guitar is very very slight, masonite body, the sound is very rich dynamics, 1.5 times more powerful than a micro stratum and absolutely nothing to do with the rendering of invoice Korean (my first was a Danelectro U2, I sold it soon after purchasing my Silvertone.


Ideal for blues (picking and slide), or other record on garage rock, a short ring and a terrible crunch on a fender sound is full, slamming bass and crystalline highs but not aggressive, a old Supro and crunch it out for a well fifties.


I use it for 3 years now, I love the raw sound and natural that one can not find on a recent guitar, nothing I dislike about this guitar, it was worth the money (I bought it 600 euros 3 years ago), good in mint condition it has $ 700 600 in the U.S. so the vintage affordable when they are much cheaper cheesy, and it is a simple and basic guitar so effective. I tried several editions Danelectro before, without being convinced that the vintage guitars are downright bar.c other does not necessarily great age, it is important to try before you buy (ebay a few risks ... ..). I would do this choice without any hesitation.