Squier M-80 Special
Squier M-80 Special

M-80 Special, Other Shape Guitar from Squier in the Master series.

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jozz54 01/03/2007

Squier M-80 Special : jozz54's user review


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Ben at 250 €, it is certainly not made to US, but well ... China!
22 Jumbo frets stick, 2 humbucker pickups (humbuckers => HH)
1 volume and 1 tone for each of the microphones and a 3 position selector (neck, neck-bridge, bridge)
The handle is of form "C"
Mine is the color "red wine mettalic" as in the photo.
Polyurethane varnish on the body and the handle.
Mechanical guarding the agreement not too bad ... but no top!

8 out of 10 because I would have loved to splitter mics, but good on a skyscraper at 250 €! should not exaggerate ...


The neck is pretty nice shape suits me well, neither too big nor too thin no problems for the game Agreements or for the solos in short j'm'éclate me ...
Access to the acute is very correct to the 19th fret, after it's a bit more difficult but not impossible.
I am very very cozy shape: cutting bevel for the stomach and arm weight very evenly distributed: the head does not look and do not "fly" no.
we get sound by plugging the guitar into the amp ;-) Seriously no problems for the sound ... on the other hand for "sound" is another story.

9 of 10 for very very good ergonomics and ease of use.


Ben ... it's not a Start or a Les Paul US ... again, I'm not a blues junior tube amp like ...
Me my style of music, the blues-rock ... well Péchu and must say that the guitar is well suited
I use my roland cube 15 W (transistor) 50 with my ME slight overdrive ... it's nice.
Honestly the bridge pickup is nice, the handle a little less
I like the treble and upper mids, for serious, I like less.

6 out of 10 because the sound is nothing great, and it takes a lot of effects and settings for sound less metallic and more warm and round.


I use it for a year and I'm having good;
What I like most is its ergonomics, the less the neck pickup is not great (but far from horrible, it's quite usable);
As a beginner, I have not tried masses of models before buying, since I tried Gretch, one or two layers and a lot of yamaha lag ... etc.
The value for money is more than adequate especially for a beginner.

Over time, to begin, I would do can be the same choice ... or maybe a yamaha pacifica (more versatile mics => config HSS) but overall I am satisfied, now I pay a good Start or Tele (mex not US) or in a config HH pickups or a splitables hollow body .... short chuis undecided ;-)

8 of 10 (compared to the price)