Squier Vista Musicmaster
Squier Vista Musicmaster

Vista Musicmaster, Other Shape Guitar from Squier in the Vista series.

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marzdelmo 03/03/2006

Squier Vista Musicmaster : marzdelmo's user review


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Made in China, one humbucker splitable singles, the base has only one pot but most people change the microphone and add a jar of tonalitbr /> the handle is trs enjoyable and totally ergonomic


Handle extremely enjoyable, is access to acute trs faile, the weight is perfect RAPORT size fits all hands
the sound is good trs with its unique ultra powerful humbucker and single splitable


It should be a great style of music, the guitar is versatile trs can get any type of sound, most of the people change the microphone which is not a bad ide, I am replaced Mount the microphone and a second knob of Tone as a base as it is fitted with a volume pot


This guitar squier vista MusicMaster tone is fabulous they are promotional model who now has over 10 years has manufactured a copy can trs in the minds of custom shop japan but in china (the only model in the range has be frabriqu in China, and when one knows that the rival between Japan and China are comprendrat faile that the Chinese have for all faient Exceeds Japan on the quality of this model). I do agree with spas following the price indicated by the site this guitar is a rare find and TRS and the odds to rise, it is closer to allentours of 300-350 euro, it's worth it.