Stagg H300
Stagg H300

H300, Other Shape Guitar from Stagg.

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SlAyK 06/04/2006

Stagg H300 : SlAyK's user review


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Basic Configuration: Solid alder body, dual humbuckers, handle 24 cases in stocky, fixed bridge, mechanical clutch, a knob for volume and a 3-position selector. The bare minimum. 4 because the material itself is not the blow prs ...


We approach the critical point of the "instrument" ... The handle is standard, so if you have small hands like me, forget it right away. CHAC in acute is not bad thanks the shape of the guitar. However, and this is the worst, the weight of the guitar is unbearable. Ms. Gibson is a ct that no anvil. In addition, the form certainly attractive to small mtalleux grass as I keep quiet, generates a standard dsquilibre difficult to gauge. When the sound at the price of the guitar, we get a pure player that may be suitable for nomtal the very first time he holds a guitar in his hands.


In terms of sound, there is no point to expect a lot from this guitar. I played Metallica, System Of A Down's, and even sometimes the Children Of Bodom, but despite rglages, the sound remains the same, and just as bad. Yet I have it with my Fender jou FM212R, nothing works ... The sound is just as serious and cold, you just get a pure inaudible ...


In short, all the same I used this guitar prt of a year and a half, so I know what I mean. When beginners, it is easy to be fooled. But do not fall into this freelancing. For my part, I had a gothic version of this guitar (H GBK 300), but by changing the back of the boxes, and color of the guitar itself, the sound is identical. In the era, his style really liked me, but believe me, just the size of the handle, the dsquilibre and weight of the instrument, forget it now! For my part, I sell russian somehow! turn you into a plutt Ibanez, or even a range of BC Rich Premire or LTD because even if you put some more uros, you will not regret it! I put 4 for Charit ...