Washburn A-5
Washburn A-5

A-5, Other Shape Guitar from Washburn in the Stage series.

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elchookas 11/15/2008

Washburn A-5 : elchookas's user review


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Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So the, I said once that there will be an edit to give you the source of the beast's friends ...
Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all the same to say that this guitar is excellent!
Channel 21 frets with 2 doubles mark (mine have no caps); drive with a 3 position switch, 1 volume 2 tone GENERAL AND.
The bridge is fixed and the head is fitted with: Mechanical oil bath.
The neck is very flat type with low thickness and a wide radius pleasant all round.
This guitar would MRIT a 2nd volume I think!


The handle is great and you feel at ease imdiatement, it is close to a stick jackson trouve.L CSCA to treble is good and allows pretiqus of frenzied solo.

The shape of the guitar is trrible, cepandant button fastening courois situ Behind the guitar at the neck would be forced back a bit because the guitar has a little tendabce apical nose ... but this is not a dive buddies.

Readily obtained a good sound through all fund has knobs !!!!!!!


It is very versatile despite the look that leaves its prsag a size for the hardcore mtal trash!
a coincidence, it is what I reherchais!
But I like to tap into the sound clear and it is really superb efficiency.

Spcialle microphones to mention the beast, which are spectacular and well DEFINITIONS Contents of pchus.

I the main branch in a VS 100 R from marshall silent and sound excellent for melodic hardcore mtal! All knobs thoroughly balls for maximum pleasure.

In my 60 EVAN any lamps, although silent on his best buddies: harmonics stood out even better, the bass were moving as possible and not had a arpges rsonance beautiful!

Even with a DS 1 and HT DUAL additions to the gain; Well the sound is Dfine.


I bought 300 euros PERIOD balances 6 years ago and I sold my guitar cover band.
I needed a skyscraper in the emergency era and I have not had t with my purchase.
I would do the same and it's always a pleasure to play on the loose when my buddy just because he is happy then he also not let go easily!

This guitar is a very good Raport money !!!!!

I had a bunch of scratches and I've tried a lot in my life zicos and I can say is that the sound is excellent considering its price! It is very versatile and complete a wonder any type of amp. The neck and the pickups are his best assets, a volume knob t aditional would be welcome but ... we added a little by changing the volume pot with a push-pull by example ...

If you croiseun day, the essay, you will not deu!

After you acquire a LTD MH 400, it served me less then I sold it.
I used on my first 2 albums in 2nd guitar so well rpart sound in space stro.Je panna GENERALLY was the extreme right.

Go http://www.myspace.com/chookas or on my personal card and your balance has pann bottom right, you'll have a better idea of the sound of the machine!